Back in the (curried) Saddle Again

While visiting with Dr. Nancy in the lovely seaside village of St. John’s, we snacked on something called Curried Vegetable Spread. Every afternoon.

She found it at the local Farmers’ Market. This was seriously good stuff. Made by a sweet lady doing business under the name of Soups, Spreads, and Such – St. John’s.

The puzzle

Now, since I came to expect this wonderful mélange of veggies and tastiness AND since I can’t fly almost nine hours to retrieve some, I decided to deconstruct the ingredients and make my own.

There aren’t recipes for this on the web, my friends. At least not where I can find them. Perhaps they hide in dark corners of the Internet, showing themselves to only the most expert of searchers.

Either way, the day after I arrived, I rushed to the store and collected all the ingredients listed on the lid. Then I napped. For about 18 hours. Then, today, I felt the curried monkey on my back. I was jonesing for my afternoon hummus and spread snack… So I made hummus and prepared to attempt the veggie spread…

No more chickpeas. Used them all in the hummus.

Which was tasty…but I needed that curry tastiness. I wanted that spread.

So I began:

Sliced the eggplant on a mandolin first to assist in speedy dicing

See? MUCH easier to dice after the mandoline slicing

Cauliflower chopping — vair difficult to make it uniform

Tomatoes? Much easier to dice to perfection

Cremini? YUM-ini!

I used 1/4 of this seriously ginormous onion

BLORP! Love that sound…

The end result? Just as fresh, just as satisfying despite the differences. Spicier than the original, but tasty nonetheless. Veggies a bit crisper in texture, but fabulous nonetheless.

Here’s the original inspiration:

Super-terrific spread, no? Look at those COLORS!

And my copycat:

The end result! Awfully close, no?

Dr. Nancy, here’s the recipe! I’ll need another obsession now. Besides beer. Ice cider. Yellowbelly. Kayaking…remind me why I left again?




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