The _____________-est ___________ in St. John’s

So I’ve been in Canada for one day, and already I’m loving the climate and the general pleasantness of the Canadians. And the French signage is fun, too. (Bonjour, bonhomme de niege! Quelle temps fait-il? Il pleut!) But the weather…OH, the change in weather:

Suck it, H-town!

I woke up fairly early and we walked about 157 miles (kilometres, whatever), looked at the unusual artwork on the walking paths…


the local warnings…

Wharf speed, Mr. Sulu!

the local graffiti…

and local interesting factoids…

before sitting down to lunch at a lovely little brewery/bistro named Yellow Belly. Where we ordered fish and chips. And got this:

Black bean burger…

and this:

Panko-breaded cod and chips. Oh, my.

and THIS:

Citrus aioli, it’s called. Roasted-garlicky, mayonnaise-y, lemon zest-y, dill-y wonderfulness. We dipped our chips in it. Chugged it. Did shots of it. Begged the waitress for more of it. Called it loving names and made promises to it that we could never keep. Just heaven, that stuff. I asked for the recipe and our lovely and personable (and polite!) waitress laughed me off. Politely. Seriously, y’all. I think this is the land where courtesy came to retire. You can walk blindly across a road and cars will screech to a halt for you. The 2012 version of Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth. (Look it up.) Politeness and courtesy should be Canada’s #1 export. Send some to your noisy, obnoxious neighbors to the south, please, Canada…

Then, full of delicious foods and a great local and insensitively-named beers (Fightin’ Irish Red), we napped. Seriously, is there anything better than a nap? We woke up and read the paper and found out that this town likes to brag. There’s the oldest street in North America. The oldest music store on the oldest street in North America. The favorite Irish pub in St. John’s. The oldest Irish pub in St. John’s. The blankest blank in ALL THE LAND.

Then a “haunted hike” around the town with this dude:

and his stentorian voice…look it up, I said!

and back to Yellow Belly for another pint.


I may have to move here.


The tiredest tourist in all St. John’s


2 thoughts on “The _____________-est ___________ in St. John’s

  1. Wow! Sounds like you are having a great time in superlative-ville! But can we talk about your haunted tour guide’s outfit? It might be the biggest fashion faux pas in St. John’s. (Oh! Is this “St. John’s” like the clothing line, “St. John’s Bay”?!) Who wears a tricorne hat with a beskulled pimp cane? He looks like he shopped at Huggie Bear and Paul Revere’s joint garage sale.

    Apart from the outfit, was the haunted tour fun??? Did you see anything spooooooky? (And hey! I thought that you had a rule about scary things after 9 p.m. It looks dark in that picture…so I am going to infer that it is after 9 p.m. What the?! Oh, I get yet “told” when I offer scary things after 9, but Pimp Daddy Patriot there gets a blog shout out?!) But seriously…how was it?

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