Cheer Up, Charlie…or else

Does anyone hate that “Cheer Up, Charlie” song in the middle of the otherwise fabulous Willy Wonka? Smack dab in the middle of this awesome flick, Charlie’s mom sings about how depressed her kid is while you see her dismal job in the background. Major bummer there. Seriously. Veruca, Wonka, even Granpa Joe all get fun, vibrant, memorable songs.  And then there’s “Cheer Up, Charlie,” which is the most depressing movie song EVAR.

I was going to add an “except maybe,” but I just can’t think of another one.

And what’s up with people blocking the intersection when waiting at a red light? I just want to slam the car into park, get out, beat on their windows, and ask them what exactly is up.

And that stupid Snuggle bear. How horrible is he? But not as bad at the ASPCA ads. Anyone else turn the channel? If I were in charge of selling spots, I’d give them a big ol’ red stamp on the grounds that viewership would plummet as fast as your mood the second the first bars of that Sarah MacLaughlin tune started up in the middle of Malcolm in the Middle or A Haunting or whatever trash mid-afternoon TV you choose to soften your grey matter with.

Oh. And I still don’t think Tyler Perry is funny. Tell Medea to hang up the muumuu already.

So ends the rant. Ahh. I feel like a new woman. Now to jam, angst-free, so that only happiness and light enter the glorious goodness that is preserves.




One thought on “Cheer Up, Charlie…or else

  1. Cheer Up, Charlie really is the worst song in that movie. And for real, someone should tell Tyler Perry that men dressing up as women has been done, and it’s been done better…mostly by foreigners…Monty Python, Kids in the Hall (kind of), Eddie Izzard. I’m with you on this one. HASHTAGHangUpTheMuumuu! (If you had gone a few more stanzas into your rant, it would have turned into a Jerry Seinfeld routine…”And what is up with airline food?!” I’m glad you know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em and whatnot!)

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